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Support Staff

Specialized Programs and Support Staff

Specialized Programs

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Additional Aides: Ms. Connie and Ms. Ana A4 Classroom Support


Mrs. Jennifer Ledesma, Counselor


Crystal Flores (teacher)  and Danielle Perez (Aide), Resource Special Education


Dennis Hisamoto, Psychologist


Erica Myers, Speech and Language Therapist


Veronica Miranda, VAPA Specialist


Oscar Segura and Paloma Marquez, Tutors

Aja Martinez, Parent Tutor


TBD, Media Center Aide (Library)


 Support Staff

  • Ms. Cid, Office manager
  • Mrs. Mirtala, Day Custodian
  • Mr. Robert, Night Custodian
  • Mrs. Laura, Site Supervision Aide
  • Mrs. Ana, Site Supervision Aide
  • Mrs. April, Site Supervision Aide
  • Mrs. Kelli, Site Supervision Aide
  • Cirlyn Nadal, Nurse
  • Mr. Ramon-Cafeteria support
School Psychologist Dennis Hisamoto