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Shared Decision Making/School Site Council


 Our Shared Decision Making/School Site Council is composed of five staff members and five parents. The group meets 8 times during the school year to review and guide our school in the area of academics and school climate.  The main focus of our council is the school site plan focusing on improvement in Language Arts, Mathematics, English Language Learners, and school climate/attendance.   Meetings occur the second to last or last Tuesday of the month at 2:35 p.m. in E4. All are welcomed to attend. However only council members are allowed to vote on decisions.  Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


Current Council Members:

  • Sara Avila, parent
  • Roxana Cruz, Parent
  • Crista Yepez, DAC council representative 
  • Erika Lopez, parent
  • Dolores Robles, parent
  • Jennifer Perez, parent
  • Rosalie Sinapi, principal
  • Kelsey Calhoun, teacher
  • Laura Gutierrez , teacher
  • Patricia Elder, teacher/Site Governance Facilitator
  • Veronica Miranda, classified staff-Chairperson/April Sanchez (alt.) 
    • ALTERNATE TEACHER:  Rony Lopez


Community members needing more information can contact Ms. Elder. Email her here

First Meeting 

Second Meeting Part B Agenda

Third Meeting

Fourth Meeting 

Fifth Meeting

Parent Representatives

Parent Reps

Erika Lopez

 Dolores Robles

Jennifer Perez

Sara Avila

Roxana Cruz


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